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Haha, I don’t think I could forget the memory of him turning me down me like that, either. Can you imagine? I was rejected by a guy that I like. And it was so damn hurt!!!

I’m not completely over him, nor forgive him, though.

But I’m learning to. We all need process, Dits. I can understand how you feel, although I can’t say that I know what you feel.

I don’t know how you feel because you’re you, and I’m me. But I more or less I can understand because I’ve been in relatively similar situation.

And using my experience as an input to – hopefully – help you get through this, the key is : I stop blaming him. I started it with stop blaming God for putting me in such hurtful situation. And then I stop blaming myself, and finally I stop blaming him.

Now, I and he are just two ordinary people walking on the same corridor, working at the same office. But everything is not the same. We build this wall that separate us to protect us from hurting again. I will never be able to talk to him as freely as I used to, and vice versa. But that’s the way it is. I don’t know what God provide us for the future. But I just try to be nice to him. that’s all I can do. That way, I hope he will do the same to me.

Maybe you shud start to speak with her again, Dits. But don’t try to be – and don’t let her try to be – best friends again. Let it flow in the process. Just don’t let anger take you over.

And maybe that’s what you shud try to do in dealing with Dio’s problem, too. Let it flow in a process. Don’t bother with 1 week limitation. If you think you need a month, a year to try to cope with him, say it out loud.

Because in order to be able to cope with him, you need to cope with yourself first, put your broken heart into whole again. And that – darling – took more than a week to succeed.

Ok, cheer up now.

Call me if you need anything ^^



From: ditta aulia rahmi [mailto:ditta.aulia.rahmi@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 2:01 PM
To: jeng phiaa
Subject: bagian 5

yup..gw sedang menghilangkan pikiran “i want this to be like this i want that to be like that”

that’s the hardest part of this problem, when we had to understand the reason n mencoba nerima semuanya dengan ikhlas..


i could forgive, but i’m not sure i could forget though.

2008/4/15 Sylvia M. Mauren <sylvia-advocate@work-dnc.com>:

Gw juga belum bisa sepenuhnya maafin “that guy” who have let me down and have hurt me so deep. But I’m trying to see him as a person who might have made some mistake, just as I am.

I’m trying to understand his reason and position. and stop asking the “what if” questions. Perhaps you shud talk to her with clear mind and ask her why she did it. I’m sure she has no harm intention…

Ok? Forgiveness is strength , and to be forgiving is what makes you strong.

From: ditta aulia rahmi [mailto:ditta.aulia.rahmi@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 1:01 PM

haduuuh..emailnya DNC gemana seehh?? masa lofem gede emailnya suka error, hehehehe..

aku baru saja marah2..ke oknum yg melakukan betrayal ke aku..walopun via chat (yes, we’re in the office, in the same room, but i prefer not to talk with her)

sedikit lebih lega krn aku bisa numpahin unek2 walopun dia juga sedikit ga terima gw segitu marahnya sama dia.

ya..aku mencoba untuk ikhlas sih..walopun kalo sekarang masih susah..

2008/4/15 Sylvia M. Mauren <sylvia-advocate@work-dnc.com>:

It’s ok to be angry, dits..

Let the anger out, say it out loud, and then calm down..

If you keep it all alone, it wudn’t be good for your mental health. I’m serious. It’s common for people who just experienced betrayal and break up to be angry or sad.

Just let it flow. Don’t fight the current. And when it’s time you think you’ve had enough, sober up. Stop blaming everything and just be ‘ikhlas’.

Sometimes you need to share your anger instead of keeping it to yourself to release you from the anger itself. Just remember, if you need objective opinion, I’m here.

OK, Dits? Jangan dipikirin sendiri. Kadang berbagi lebih baik daripada memendam sendiri, lhooo…

Eh jeng btw bagian 2 ilang, gw baru sadar…hohoho

Mau lagi dunk, boleh tak?


From: ditta aulia rahmi [mailto:ditta.aulia.rahmi@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 11:47 AM

To: Sylvia M. Mauren
Subject: Re: bagian 5

ya makanya..jadi semua acara jalan2 di pending sampe bulan depan ya bu, termasuk our next trip to bogor..mungkin ancer2nya minggu ke dua gitu, tetep hari sabtu.

aku bakal cerita kalo aku udh siap cerita secara objektif tanpa harus menyalahkan org lain..

aku capek phi..this is too much for me


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