bulbo nyasar di blog


Do you hate the last guy you texted?
* nope, not at all
When was the last time you took a nap?
* yesterday, bcuz of those headache
Do you only drink bottled water?
* nope
What are you listening to right now?
* suara AC yg mendengung..
Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
* moko si gembul
Who was the last person you shared a bed with?
* mom
What’s on your mind most today?
* banyak hal sampe insomnia deh gw
Something that happened today that made you angry?
* blum ada
Do you talk about your feelings or hide them?
* cukup org2 tertentu aja yg tw lah..
Do you wear makeup?
* ngga
Are you missing someone?
* yup. banget.
Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
* it depends
What instant messaging service do you use?
* YM
Would you date/hook up with your brothers best friend?
* ngga mau, abis dah pada om2 sih
Have you ever had a panic attack?
* a couple of times
What color is your hair?
* black
Who was the last person you talked to in person?
* mb pus
Are you happy right now?
* not reallyy…
Is your phone right beside you?
* yup2
Are you cold?
* nope, i’m fine
What are you looking forward to in the next few months?
* new life..new job..new friends..new..what? new bf maybe if i’m lucky enough
First thing you do when you wake up?
* take a bath
What does your best friend call you?
* ditta, kuyus, ceking, watever lah
Would you prefer a thunderstorm or for it to be snowing?
* neither
Who do you call the most?
* akhir2 ini, si ara ato moko
What were you doing 10 hours ago?
* probably still sleeping
Are you that good at math?
* hahahaha…nope..there’s gotta be reason i’m in social science class
Do/did you listen to your parents?
* sure
At what age did you learn to ride a bike?
* dunno, about 2nd grade in elemntary school, i guess
What’s your favorite holiday?
* any kind of holiday wud be fine as long as it’s a holiday
Do you cry a lot?
* nope, just occassionally
What did you do today?
* office thingy
Do you give special ringtones to certain people?
* yup, so i could automatically reject it without having to look it up
Have you talked mean about anyone today?
* i don’t do “mean talk”
Can you remember your last dream?
* hahahaha..unfortunately yes..n it’s so damn real
Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t do?
* sering
Suppose you see your boyfriend kissing another person’s lips, what would you do?
* slap him then leave..*i’m good at slapping people*
What is bothering you right now?
* this huge thing
Can you type over 60 words per minute?
* auuuuuuuuuuu


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