New Job, New Experience

dimulai dari angka 0 yaaa...
dimulai dari angka 0 yaaa...

gw baru keterima di BUMN dgn laba terbesar tahun 2008. it’s a blessing, yet it’s also a curse for me. sekarang sih gw masih diklat, dan masih akan ada rangkain OJT dan laporan OJT, sampe Juli 2010. nice. i think the reason that God wouldn’t let me accepted in anywhere else before this is because He prepared a plan that was the best for me. sometimes i wonder, did He really think i could handle this? it seems that what i was doing now was not an easy path. there would be rough path ahead, and i’m not sure i’m ready yet. but i believe God wouldn’t gave me this “blessing” if He thought i wasn’t ready for this.

but still, i hate it when people told me how “lucky” i am to be an employee in Pertamina. i hate that LUCKY word. hey, i’m not lucky, you know! i’ve been trying (so) hard! i’ve been waiting for so long before i got the chance. you have no idea what i’ve been going through. it’s not easy, and to be lucky is not enough.

despite all of this, i really thank God for this experience. i just do my best, i just want my mom to be happy, and proud of me..


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