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have you ever bought something because of silly reason? i have. all because they had a cute colour 😀

so i bought these toothbrush. the 1st one i bought after i came out from the closet dorm, for a business trip to semarang. i need a toothbrush with a cap, so i had to buy another, because mine’s doesn’t have cap on it. first time i saw this toothbrush, i fell in love instantly :D. it was a pinky-white-toothbrush with pinky-ish cap. so cute! there were other toothbrush with cap, but only one of them got a pink cap. so i decided to buy it 😀

well, about two months ago, i went to the supermarket with my mom, for a monthly-shopping routine. when i was walking down the aisle *no groom waiting at the end of the aisle, sadly* of toiletries, my eyes drawn to a bunch of toothbrush. and i saw toothbrushes the same as my pinky-white-toothbrush with pinky-ish cap, only they came in many colours. there were baby-blue with baby blue cap, light-green with light-green cap, another pnk with pink cap, and purple with with purple cap. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgghhhh!! they were so cute! 😀 i had this strange urge to buy them in every colour, but thank God i came back to my sense. so i decided to buy a purplish-whitey-with-purplish-cap.

purplish-white with purplish cap and pinky-white with pinky-ish cap 😀

haha! got two of them! maybe next month i’ll buy another colour!


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  1. soaring eagle says:

    ehhhh…si kawan punya wordpress juga ya…heheh

    1. ditta says:

      punya dong temaan..walau isinya nyampah abeeessh..wkwkwkwkkw.. ku link ya ke blog gw, huehehehe

  2. soaring eagle says:


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