disela-sela ketidaksibukan saya di kantor, akhir-akhir ini muncul hobi baru, yaitu menjelajah 😀

awalnya dimula dari keisengan saya membrowsing images di google, lalu dilanjutkan dengan mengintip tumblr punya teman saya, dan saya pun langsung jatuh cinta *halah lebay*.

yang paling saya suka sih, karena di tumblr banyak pict with words yg bagus-bagus, salah satunya seperti contoh pada post yang ini.

so, the next thing i did, was saving all of those picts into my harddisk 😀

i have no intention whatsoever, i just love to collect interesting, meaningful, yet quirky pict from the net. and after knowing such a good things, of course you have to share it with others! so i choose to share it with her, and then she went crazy, after found out some of panda’s pict. she’s a big fan of giant panda :D.

so this is what she did next. she decided to launch a new blog, a sharing blog for us. on tumblr.

it’s called


“The Sisterhood Circle”

so please, do visit our site. 😀


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